Thursday, 29 May 2008

And now for a commercial break.....

Adverts. Adverts have music. Music creates earworms.


Earworms are those annoying snippets of music that run round and round your head driving you nuts until you go to sleep or another earworm replaces it.

I don't need TV for earworms. Commercial radio can do that to me anyway.

There's that Shangri La carbon footprint advert

Then there's that bloody DFS advert

The Renault Twingo advert deserves a special mention for being truly, scarily memorable

Although I like this song, I have no idea why it's so popular with advertising agencies

Radio 2 keep playing this. I keep finding it referenced with the Hillary Swank film "P.S., I Love You". Janice Long keeps mentioning an ad campaign but doesn't say which one - I get the distinct impression that she doesn't like it but has to play it because it's on the R2 playlist

And while I used to like Thunderbirds, I'm as serious as cancer when I say I never liked Rhythm is a Dancer

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Monster? Monstrous more like!


14 May 2008

Dear Confidential

We have located your CV on monster and have found that candidates of a similar profile to yours are very successful in our organization. Please take a look at both Job Roles below and if you feel either position is of interest then email quoting the above ref no, who will arrange an interview time.

25K + OTESales Consultants required to join our rapidly expanding national sales team.

The Tutorial Support Service offers an innovative curriculum based home study programme designed to help primary school children improve their English and maths. Supported by our highly skilled tele-appointers you will attend qualified appointments to promote our programme to interested families in their own homes.

School Liaison Coordinator - Term Time£250+ OTE per week

The Tutorial Support Service offers an innovative curriculum based home study programme designed to help primary school children improve their English and math. Supported by our highly skilled tele-appointers you will attend appointments to promote our programme to Head Teachers, whilst using your positive attitude to further enhance business opportunities.

Sales experience is not essential but the ability to create a professional approach and confidently present our programme is a must. To ensure your success, you will receive first class training and ongoing support. Excellent earnings await the candidates who have the right skills and attributes to succeed as a self-employed consultant in this rapidly growing industry sector.

If you would like the opportunity to work within an ethical sales organization and can answer yes to the following questions then please contact me on the above email address.

1) Are you authorized to work in the UK?
2) Can you meet Criminal Records Criteria?
3) Are you able to work evenings and weekends?
4) Do you have your own transport and full UK driving licence?
5) Do you have your own PC with access to Broadband?

Further information can be gained by visiting

We look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Kay Oakes
PA to Managing Director

Okay. That just about bloody does it!

My cv and profile are getting deleted. That site has been no use at all to me.


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

That's my weekend sorted!

Sometimes, I'm stuck for things to do over the weekend.

Yet more job hunting? Catch up with BBC television output with iPlayer? DIY? Laundry? Housework? Blog update? Cinema?

Well this weekend, I won't be stuck. The British Tarantula Society is coming to town!



Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I'm stunned

Londoners have always treated the Mayoral Elections as a way to stick two fingers up at the ruling Party.

Resolutely red during Mrs Thatcher's reign (especially after she abolished the Greater London Council) and support Tony Blair's candidate for Mayor? Ha!

Red Ken all the way.

Now this perversity has just about left me stunned.

Yes, Red Ken has won over the Labour Party which has taken him back into the fold. He was effectively the Brown candidate for mayor. However, with increases in taxes (from congestion charge to car tax) he was increasingly unpopular, pandering to ever loonier minority groups for votes and with a smug nasal voice that made him sound like a comb and paper when he spoke, Red Ken was going to take a major hit.

But to VOTE BOJO!!? In such massive numbers that he'd win?!!?

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?!?


De Pfeffel? How do you even pronounce that? Der Feffel? Dee PuhFeffel?

Good grief.