Thursday, 29 May 2008

And now for a commercial break.....

Adverts. Adverts have music. Music creates earworms.


Earworms are those annoying snippets of music that run round and round your head driving you nuts until you go to sleep or another earworm replaces it.

I don't need TV for earworms. Commercial radio can do that to me anyway.

There's that Shangri La carbon footprint advert

Then there's that bloody DFS advert

The Renault Twingo advert deserves a special mention for being truly, scarily memorable

Although I like this song, I have no idea why it's so popular with advertising agencies

Radio 2 keep playing this. I keep finding it referenced with the Hillary Swank film "P.S., I Love You". Janice Long keeps mentioning an ad campaign but doesn't say which one - I get the distinct impression that she doesn't like it but has to play it because it's on the R2 playlist

And while I used to like Thunderbirds, I'm as serious as cancer when I say I never liked Rhythm is a Dancer