Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I'm stunned

Londoners have always treated the Mayoral Elections as a way to stick two fingers up at the ruling Party.

Resolutely red during Mrs Thatcher's reign (especially after she abolished the Greater London Council) and support Tony Blair's candidate for Mayor? Ha!

Red Ken all the way.

Now this perversity has just about left me stunned.

Yes, Red Ken has won over the Labour Party which has taken him back into the fold. He was effectively the Brown candidate for mayor. However, with increases in taxes (from congestion charge to car tax) he was increasingly unpopular, pandering to ever loonier minority groups for votes and with a smug nasal voice that made him sound like a comb and paper when he spoke, Red Ken was going to take a major hit.

But to VOTE BOJO!!? In such massive numbers that he'd win?!!?

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?!?


De Pfeffel? How do you even pronounce that? Der Feffel? Dee PuhFeffel?

Good grief.