Monday, 15 September 2008

Spoke too soon

I had a total (TOTAL) of 3 and a half hours sleep last night. No external disturbances, no sudden noises, just fitful snoozes.

I have the pillow spray, the linen spray, the aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy pulse point oil rollers, there's no telly, no computer, no distractions in the bedroom and it's dark.

My 'sleep hygiene' (medical jargon) is impeccable. I don't eat too late nor do I drink caffeinated drinks after about 6pm and yet I'm still awake at 3am trying to work out my first thoughts on waking (apparently, if you note those down, you'll find out what's worrying you and you can deal with it later) and trying to work out whether I'm too hot (not really), too cold (occasionally) or what?

So I went into work and I just shambled very slowly trying not to drop too many things. Great impression after a week off sick. Really. Just. Brilliant.