Sunday, 12 October 2008

Eye, eye

Anyone who's ever clapped eyes on me knows I am prone to deep purple-red blushes whenever I'm stressed, whenever I'm upset, whenever I'm too warm, whenever I'm too cold, whenever I've just gone from a cold area to a warm area, whenever....... oh, just well, whenever, really.

It's normally just a harmless blush and related to the rosacea that I occasionally need to seek treatment for. Now and again, I develop a deep red rash with little spots that thickens up the skin around my nose and mouth and makes me look like I sniff glue.

No one told me that there is such a thing as ocular rosacea. There's me thinking that the worst I could hope for is rhinophyma or 'drinker's nose'. An irony considering my hypersensitivity to alcohol and my teetotalism.

But no. My allergy to my safety specs has triggered ocular rosacea predominantly affecting my right eye. Permanently itching and, at best, only mildy bloodshot, I now have three sets of eye drops to contend with.

On first waking, the sodium cromoglycate and then the antibiotic drops, later on (as I am just about to go out the front door to work) the artificial tears which I bring with me for "as required" use.

As I go to bed, more sodium cromoglycate and more antibiotic drops. Just before I hit the pillow, more artificial tears.

Now it's started, this may well be a permanent feature.

This is on top of the nasal inhaler, the oral inhalers and the antihistamine, the antidepressant and the antibiotic tablets I have to take to keep everything else down to a dull roar.

Oh, and the multivitamin and the calcium tablets. Just in case.