Thursday, 2 October 2008

What happens when..............

you're allergic to your prescription safety glasses?

More specifically the little nose pads that help to keep the glasses on my face.

I got a pair of glasses made and wore them for a while but the prescription was too short. This meant that anything beyond the length of my arms was slightly blurry.

Not good. Especially when I had trouble distinguishing just who was at the other end of the corridor - was that Arthur or Martha down there?

Annoyingly the frame was also loose and the bins kept slipping down my nose. Irritating when I need both hands to do something and I'm relying on my specs to help me see what I'm doing and protect me while I do it.

And then, just for added laughs, the greasy little nose pads were made of (or with) something that brought the bridge of my nose out in a tender, bright red, rosasic rash.

I brought them back to the optician and demonstrated the various problems. They tightened the frames, changed the nose pads and only then took them off me to send them back to the manufacturer for a new 'walking around' prescription.

Now they're back.

I collected them on Sunday, wore them for two days and on Wednesday, I woke up able to see the red and swollen bridge of my nose in my field of vision. It looked like I'd had my nose broken in a fight.

I brought them back this evening after work. I was told that as it was a Health and Safety matter, I would have to take it up with my Health and Safety Officer and they would have to take it from there.