Monday, 5 January 2009

Blah. Blah. Blaaaaaaaaaargh!

With the dark mornings, I don't draw the curtains back first thing. It was 107.7FM who told me it had been snowing.

It was the freezing air in my bedroom that told me that something was up with the central heating.

Sure enough, after lighting the cooker and ascertaining I still had a gas supply, I had to spend a good few minutes trying to restart the boiler. Bloody pilot light.

Although the date on the milk said "6th JAN", it was the sour taste of my cornflakes that told me that the milk was off and needed to the poured away.

To save as much money as possible, I filled up on breakfast to avoid eating lunch. The plan was to have a few glasses of water to slake my thirst and maybe read a Metro or something.

I put my best 'walking-through-the-snow' boots on and still nearly broke something necessary just outside my own front door. I swept the snow off the pavement and put salt down.

After putting DO NOT SPEND on my TO DO LIST last night, as I went out the door for the second time this morning, I already had milk, bread and salt on a mental shopping list.

The snow was pretty but the pavements were treacherous. I got to work quite late (but before 10am) and had a long but productive day before heading home again.

The few-glasses-of-water-for-lunch plan hit the buffers after Severn Trent notified us to say they were repairing a water main and they were shutting off mains water. I was parched by the time the water came on again in the late afternoon.

I had four or five mugs of cold water before I had even left work.

I have a few issues with the Tax Man after a massive tax deduction from my wages. I have to sort through all my pay slips from this year (April 2008 - Present) and try to work out what on earth went wrong.

I went to the cash machines to get mini statements and was horrified to discover that my mortgage payment for this month hasn't been taken from my account. Instead HSBC has

Nationwide B S £34.16

in amongst the direct debits listed. That's instead of the few hundred pounds it normally takes.


Just what is going on here? I'm going to have to find some mortgage correspondence for tomorrow and try to get to the Nationwide to find out what's gone wrong there.

!Jeepers!?! Just what is it with me and money this month?

I finally got to Sainsbury's and bought milk, a loaf and salt. And a large jar of green pesto, a newspaper, a reduced melon (30p from £1.99) and some reduced ham (30p from £1.98). That's nearly £9.


The last of the big spenders has hit town.

Home then and the salt was put down before I even opened the front door. I had the mini toad in the holes for tea with a little mustard.

And Hi Juice squash, coffee (I don't like it, but I need the caffeine) and yet more water.

Blimey, I'll be scouring the streets for cigarette stubs soon.


I don't smoke.

And now would be a lousy time to start.