Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Yet another day off for yet another domestic emergency - this WILL look good for my Performance and Pay Review

I rang in at 8:30.

I told my poor, long suffering, boss about the mortgage thing and that I couldn't bring all my tax and mortgage stuff in, make business hours 'phone calls and still manage a day's work. He agreed with me. He'd see me bright and early tomorrow.

I did some laundry, made myself brunch (2 x coronation chicken on toast, 1 x toasted crust and marmalade, cereal and coffee) and then sorted out all the folders and paperwork necessary for the telephone marathon ahead.

Tax, wage slips for the Tax Year to date, mortgage, home and contents insurance.

I warmed up with a quick call to the Doctor for an appointment and then 'phoned my mortgage company.

Who told me about last month's mortgage payment.

Actually, it was this month's mortgage payment I was interested in.

The very nice West Country chap told me that Nationwide were in the process of transferring Portman mortgage accounts over to its own system and that my account number was one of the old numbers. He could only give me what had happened to my account up until the transfer.


He gave me my new account number and transferred me over to the new mortgage centre. I was on hold for a verrrrrrry loooonnnnnngggggggg ttttttiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeee. The muzak kept fading in and out and at times I started to wonder if I had been cut off.

A chirpy Welsh girl faded in and I gave her all the security details again and she battled a lousy line to help me.

The mortgage payment had gone through.

What? Then it dawned on me - I hadn't checked the account today yet.

The £34.16, she explained was the home and contents insurance and the mortgage payment was taken separately.

Oh. Thanks. I panicked over nothing.

Well, it's better to be safe than sorry.

I thanked her and, after a quick toilet break 'phoned the Tax Man.

Again, I was placed on hold for a very long time but there was better quality muzak this time.

I got put through to a very nice Geordie lady who helpfully told me that benefits payments were taxable and my tax was recalculated to take my benefits payments into account.

Oh. I said, that expla .....er....actually I was employed throughout 2008. I haven't claimed benefits this Tax Year. I was unemployed for a period in 2007.....

That shouldn't be included in this year's tax payment.

So, as well as all my pay slips and my tax coding letters, I had to drag out the wall planners from the previous years and tell her my employment status from The Big E onwards.

I was trying to talk to her on the cordless 'phone, pin down the ends of the wall planners as they rolled up like wallpaper and tell her what my pay rates were at the time of employment. I needed at least another elbow.

In the end, after a very long and awkward 'phone call, she told me to expect an employer review form in the post.


And the good news? Well, she said, don't quote me, but after a quick calculation, I was due a refund of about £190 at the end of this month. That's the money that was deducted from December's pay.

I may even be due refunds due to the mistakes that were pointed out during this 'phone call. But don't quote me, she said.

I'll look forward to that form.

I thanked her and felt that at least the day off wasn't wasted.

With overtime as well, come the end of this month, I'll be minted. If all the payments come through.

Whoo hoo!

Bit late for the January sales though.