Sunday, 1 February 2009

Everything's coming up roses.........apparently

Confident Mars joins the Sun and success planet Jupiter in your sign this week, sending your self-belief soaring to new heights. You will know, with no shadow of a doubt, that nothing is beyond your reach. With mind planet Mercury moving in your favour again too, you will realise that something you have been worrying about in recent weeks was nothing more than an illusion. Meanwhile, the second stage of an important five-part opposition between Saturn, planet of the past, and your ruler Uranus, planet of the future, will pull you in two directions. Although the former may offer the reassurance of the known, it is only by embracing the unknown that you will find what you truly need. With so much currently on offer in the cosmic pipeline you must play your part by looking ahead, not behind.
So says the Mail on Sunday's astrologer.
Blimey! I really ought to buck up then, eh?