Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year? Um no....... not really

After Terry Wogan rang in sick and one of my favourite radio presenters came on at 7:30 (Alex Lester - The Dark Lard), I dug out my headphones out, plugged them into my new 'phone and nodded and smiled my way to work.

My good humour was very short lived.

I came in to work to be warned by one colleague that another colleague has lost his much loved and very cute Jack Russell terrier pup over the New Year. It was run over.

A slight miscalculation with the wages has left me very short for the next few weeks, so I'm going to have to economise as much as possible. MwK rang me on my mobile as I was leaving Sainsbury's with as much cheap stuff as I could possibly lug home.

Auntie Godmother died in hospital today in the late afternoon.

He told me to ring Dad ASAP and not to bother her daughter as she was extremely upset. He, SiL, Cute Niece and Cute Nephew were all going round tomorrow to try to cheer Dad up.

Fat chance.

With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I got home to find Dad's 'phone engaged for almost half an hour.

I was about to ring him again when the 'phone rang. I told him that I was very sorry to hear of his sister's death and how was he keeping? He'd been on the 'phone to someone who knew her and was also shocked to hear of her death.

Auntie Godmother had declined so rapidly from the time we all saw her at Wastrel Cousin's funeral that he couldn't really take it in. She was only a couple of years older than him and hadn't reached 70 years of age. Still, at least she didn't suffer for very long, so at least that was some sort of blessing.

I thought of the palaver with Mum and had to agree with that. It took months and months of yo-yo-ing back and forth before Mum was taken into hospital that final time. Boy, did she suffer?!

I tried to make a few calculations - a plane crash has decimated train services to London from this neck of the woods - that means the coaches are going to be booked solid from now until Doomsday. I need to know when the funeral is as soon as is practicable so that I can book seats and book a return ticket.

He told me that I'll be told by him. It's the first funeral my Cousin has had to arrange and she's devastated. She was a newborn when her dad died, so this is her first major loss. Before now, she's just attended funerals of people she knew or knew of.

Her mother was a fine woman, widowed when her second child was only a tiny baby. She lived with an older brother after that (he's long dead - you're kinda sorta getting a hint of a theme here, aren't you?) successfully raised two children and working hard long into retirement.

She was very close to my Dad when they were younger and her death is going to hit him very hard. I'm not sure what I'll be able to do to help.

After discussing the recent freezing weather, he let me go - he'd had other calls to make.

A bit abrupt......but fairly composed.

I put the 'phone down and felt very, very worried.

Still, Dad has family close by and there are plenty of people who would be willing to help if he's stuck.

I've eaten a full pot of half price Ben and Jerry's Caramel Chew Chew ice cream. I think I've just taken on board the fat and sugar allowances for two people for a week. On the plus side, it's all I've eaten all day.

What with that cheap living thing and the rush to get out the door for work and the canteen shutting down for Christmas and New Year, I'm not eating as much as I have been used to.

I've got 12 mini Toad in the Holes (39p), 10 cookies (50p), squash (£2 for 2) and two raspberry turnovers (15p). That's me set until Monday for food.

Yeah, right.......really healthy.

I've got some charity shop black clothing that needs to be adjusted - I'll need that for the funeral.

I'm getting pretty good at needlework these days. Hopefully, my handiwork will never appear here.

And before it dawned on me that my finances weren't as health as I thought they were, I bought three samplers from the Haberdashery section of the local Beatties. Clearly hand crafted, well framed, very pretty.....I've got a sneaky plan to give them as gifts to people I don't like much.

I'll give MwK and Little Married Brother a call tomorrow to see how they're getting on.

How low can it get?