Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year! New Broom! New start for this weekend! Definitely - ish

To Do List

Fix the door light - DONE - using a 16W bulb in a 21W light fitting makes it pop very quickly

Tidy the toiletries - DONE - after a quick burst of buying stuff at the Boots sale before realising the miscalculation in the wages - there are yet more to add to the embarrassing hoard

Tidy up generally - DONE

Tidy up the suitcase and sort out all the bags in it - DONE - I still haven't dealt with it properly after returning home last Sunday

Pay the random cheque received from AXA into the Nationwide Direct Debit Account so that it can cover the minimum payment for the credit card - DONE - Still not sure why they sent me a random cheque for £14.67 for an account I shut down in 2007, but I'm not complaining

Send off the cheque for the credit card - DONE

Pay money into the Nationwide Direct Debit Account to cover January's bills - DONE

Check balances and mini-statements - DONE

Calculate actual balances and check finances for January after realising the mistake with the wages - DONE - I've got £86 for the rest of the month

Shred personal stuff - DONE - I still miss setting fire to stuff

Update blog - DONE

Watch the iPlayer and see what's on, 4od and Channel5 - DONE - The Top Gear show from Vietnam was brilliant and very funny, Wallace and Gromit was too short (as always), has some good stuff but everything falls apart after the first ad break, 4od knows a commercial opportunity when it sees one and wants payment for the popular stuff, Channel5 is fairly rubbish

Buy and prepare the year planner - DONE - A big wall planner is a better idea for me than a diary, as I can stick things on it and tells me the entire year without having to find it and flip through all the pages

Adjust clothes - STILL TO DO - Must do soon as the funeral is coming up soon

I'm not doing too badly, honestly.