Saturday, 31 January 2009

Retail therapy in Wolverhampton

I was paid yesterday. Including the Tax Man's cheque, that means I'm temporarily LOADED!!

Like all the other Wulfrunians, I hit the Mander and Wulfrun Centres like a good little retail therapee. It was packed.

I bought two pairs of dorky but comfortable shoes from Clark's last days of the shoe sale, the two jumpers I had my eye on in Sense, the jeans from British Heart Foundation, Baby Blues Appeal and the Beacon shop for the Blind, new bras and socks from Marks and Spencers, new support pop socks from Boots (as well as stuff for Christmas and birthday presents) and a 4GB Wharfedale mp3 player from Argos.

As I paid for my new toy, the girl behind the till rattled off a warning that unless there was something wrong with it, the mp3 player was NOT subject to the 30 day returns policy.

Okay. That sounded fair enough.

I was pretty well loaded down with stuff by the time I headed for home for the first time. I dumped all the shopping in the back room and went out a second time to do the essentials shopping including Council Tax payment at the Post Office.

There was a massive queue going out the back door which I joined. It was after nearly 30 minutes in the queue that I got close enough to a sign which was attached to the first Tensaband pole. It apologised for the delay which was due to a series of post office closures in the area and payments could be made at the shop counter at the front of the store.

I'd just wasted half an hour. THAT notice could have been put on the inside of the window by the back door.

I went to the front counter. And got stuck in a relatively short queue. A woman bought some stamps for letters to Germany and the girl at the till was tapping away on the pressure sensitive till screen for nearly 10 minutes before she found the right code for stamps for Europe.

I paid for my Council Tax and my three Lottery lucky dips and headed to the Nationwide to pay money into my bills account.

After the Nationwide I went home again. I couldn't wait to unwrap all my new 'toys'. The new clothes needed washing and adjusting and I wanted to start playing with my new mp3 player.

Whoo hoo!

My excitement was short lived.

The instructions were grim. The battery, although rechargeable wasn't removable and the device seemed to have been designed to be as user unfriendly as possible.


Double pook!

I'm going to have to spend an awful amount of time on this. Although it's functioning badly, it's not broken. So I'm going to have to persevere.

Apparently, depending on how shortly or longly I depress the '4' button and when, it's the ON button, the OFF button, the PLAY button, the PAUSE button or it can help toggle beween menus with the '8' and the '7' buttons.

It can also record voice, sorry, VIOCE and the LIBRAY can store up to 1000 tracks.

Now, let's see if I can work out how to preset the Radio stations.............