Saturday, 24 January 2009


I paid the cheque into the ATM using the cheque deposit facility on Tuesday evening. Nationwide take three working days to credit a cheque into a current account.

Of course, Nationwide weren't going to consider Tuesday as one working day but counting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday then I'd get the money today. Yes?


Nationwide don't count the day the cheque is paid in. So that's Thursday, Friday and Monday. The money will be in my account on my birthday - Tuesday. Almost a week after I paid it in.

When I queried this I was reminded of a small £60 overdraft facility that I had set up years ago.

Greaaaaat. That'll have to do then.

I took out all the £60 and went to get my hair cut. Now, I've no idea what happens in the rest of the country, but Wolverhampton is swimming in nail, tanning and hair salons. Queen Street alone is home to at least three.

I picked one of the cheapest. It looks like a very old style barber's shop with a small ladies' section in the back. They're fine for a quick trim - although the last time I had my hair done there (last November) it was the first time in a very long time that I came out of the shop completely od'd on hairspray.

My hair was crispy and I could feel the stiff ruffles on the back of my head crunch under my hands as I patted round to see what it felt like.

It was only when I washed it at home that I saw what my hair looked like. It was fine.



A short and tidy haircut for £22 and it was better than the College salon which IS pretty hit and miss.

I got a different hairdresser this time and got the full saga of how she had recently split up with a long time partner, sorted out custody of the dogs, bought a house, found a lodger (a family friend), tried to get her bills sorted - she had a friend who worked in the Council Tax section of the Civic Centre who had popped in and was giving her advice about instalments and had kept in contact with her ex's family - the sister was a bitch, apparently.

We were shouting to each other over the roar of the hairdryer at the end. There was mousse and not hairspray this time so instead of a mad professor sticky up and out look; I had a looser, floppier head of hair. Which looked fine.

After that I windowshopped. I popped into Sense and saw a couple of jumpers that would fit me (I'm a short, fat, size 20), went round all the charity shops and saw jeans in British Heart Foundation, Beacon Shop for the Blind and the Baby Blues Appeal shop.

There's was nothing worth having in PDSA although I have bought a few items in there before and I tried a pair of comfy but dorkish shoes (for work) in Clarks. I even went to Argos to see if they had any mp3 players that I might like. I've seen one that looks alright. I suppose.

Home and then housework.

It was a pretty ordinary and uninspiring Saturday, really. Same as every other one.