Sunday, 3 January 2010

You gets what you pays for....

The contents of that bucket consists of an awful lot of black-blue water and a pair of George jeans I found in the British Heart Foundation in Dudley last September. They smelt funny but I just put that down to being a charity shop find.

On the same shopping trip I found another pair of jeans that had already been shortened so I was well happy, when I brought my finds to the till to be paid for.

I washed them, tried wearing them and they dyed my legs black AND brought me out in a rash.

Since then, I have repeatedly washed, soaked and rinsed these jeans (the ones pictured above) and all that's happened is that more and more dye has leaked from them. They aren't even starting to look faded.

And they still smell weird. Even being soaked for days in liberal doses of Lenor Sleep Sensations.

Sometimes, a bargain isn't a bargain.