Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Been, gone, took the fry-up food

MwK showed up in Dad's mate's van. He sat in the van alone to finish a sandwich he'd started, leaving me wondering where Dad was.

MwK had shown up alone and, he said, he was only here on a flying visit.

I told him that I'd been expecting them both for most of the day and had a load of food for him and Dad for a fry-up.

He said he wasn't hungry as he'd just eaten. Dad hadn't come as he wasn't going to be much help lifting all the kitchen pieces and MwK had to get back to a half finished extension that some other builder had left and he'd been called in to finish it off.

He called Dad from my landline and told him that he'd arrived, would be returning as soon as possible, would return the van to his mate and would pop round to visit him somewhere in the afternoon with the tools Dad had requested he bring back from my house. I could hear Dad mouthing abuse at MwK after he was told that he couldn't be taken shopping as well.

After a trip to the toilet and a quick cup of coffee, MwK started heaving most of a kitchen out of the back of the van. I could only help with the doors, drawers and bags of bits. There was even a fan assisted electric oven with its housing.

It's all piled up in my front room waiting for God know's when. He asked for £60 for the diesel and I told him I was skint. Pay day was Friday I could send him a cheque.

That was acceptable. £60 for a free kitchen. Yep. Acceptable.

He drove off after another quick trip to the toilet and a cup of coffee leaving me alone with the computer, the mp3 player and some cds.

20 minutes later, the doorbell went. It was MwK. Could he have the food I bought for Dad and MwK so that Dad didn't starve.


Oh, and did I have a cool bag to put it into as it was going to be a long journey.


Oh yeah, could he have the remains of the insulating roll that he'd seen earlier as he'd had to pull down someone's ceiling to fix a leak and it would come in dead handy repairing the damage.

Yeah, just hold on.

And that was that.

The rest of the day was my own.

And I did some more laundry, filed papers, arranged a home safety visit online by British Gas, registered my gas and electricity meter readings with Scottish Power and listened to the Radio 2 iPlayer.

That's it.