Thursday, 12 February 2009

!Cute Alert!

I'm tweaking a number of entries which I'll get around to posting soon.

I'm a ginger. A redhead. Duracell. Gingernut. My eyebrows and eyelashes are white blonde and I dye them on a regular basis so that I don't look quite so weird.

Check these pictures out in this article by the Daily Fail. And check out the length of little baby Isla's extraordinary eyelashes. How cute is she?

Daily Mail article here.

Sunday 15th February 2009. PS. This is what I forgot to tell you. Guess who's been diagnosed as allergic to ginger?


No more zingy shower gels, no more curry cooking sauces, nothing spicy that simply lists "flavourings", no more Jamaican ginger cake, crystallised ginger from Holland and Barratt and no more gingerbread men. You'd be amazed where this stuff hides.

There's a cosmic joke being played on me somewhere and I'm not laughing.