Friday, 27 February 2009

I'm all growed up now!

I've bought furniture for my house. For the first time.

Virtually all the furniture in the house was either here when I bought it like the monstrous wardrobe that I spent ages painting white, brought with me like all my bedroom furniture or has been foisted onto me by my eager-to-help Dad and brother MwK from flat and house clearances.

A hotch potch of badly painted, chipped, ugly and defective pieces that wouldn't seem out of place in a mouldy old B&B or bail hostel in the back streets of Kings Cross.

However. I have decided that I should be able to find my own lumps of badly painted, chipped, ugly and defective furniture. And I have.

The Compton Hospice have lots of such pieces as well as ancient display cabinets, a truly awesome cocktail cabinet from the 1930s, a coat wardrobe from the 1970s and rows of old fashioned television cabinets which look okay from the front but have no backs.

The pastel coloured three piece suites and sideboards (some stupedous G Plan stuff from the 60s and 70s) can wait until I've finished using the front room for materials storage.

I've bought a drop leaf formica kitchen table - £10, a small chipped glass fronted bookcase - £10, one stackable chair that looks like it came from some church hall - £3 and two bedside cabinets - £5 and £20. £60 including delivery.

They are delivering on Tuesday between 10am and 2:30pm. Whoo Hoo!

I've filled in and delivered my job application, put cash into the bills account and found the ticket for my new coat so that I can pick it up on Thursday.

Now I've been paid, I really need to crack on with the work I planned to do. I want to have something to show for my two weeks off, after all.

I want

filler for all the holes in the middle bedroom walls

paint - white or magnolia, probably

sanding pads

nice curtain rails that have proper curtain stops not rusty screws drilled into the ends

half decent curtains - I need to measure the window, the Compton Hospice has a load of lined curtains from a B&B and I'd like to see if they're any good

I need to

fix the bottom drawer on the chest of drawers in my bedroom as the bottom keeps falling out dumping everything on the floor

fill the middle bedroom and landing walls

fill all the holes and joins in the woodwork

sand the walls in the middle bedroom and landing

caulk all the edges

strip the paint off the only remaining original door in the house

sand and undercoat all the woodwork

paint the filled and sanded walls - white or magnolia, probably

Right. That'll happen. Pigs will fly and I'll get the job I've just applied for.

Yep. Sorted