Monday, 2 February 2009

This morning, I swept the pavement outside my house and laid down salt.

When I got to Wolverhampton Bus Station it was like a ghost town. I rang in to work to warn them that if I had to walk in then it would be a very late start.

Luckily, a bus showed up. It was over an hour late but for me it was just in time.

The day was spent working and carefully watching the snow fall.

It became obvious that the snow was not getting any better. It got worse. Getting home was going to be a nightmare.

I got to the bus stop for the last bus home and froze with a couple of other travellers as it arrived nearly half an hour late.

When I got back to Wolverhampton, I walked past my usual route home. It occurred to me then that we're not really equipped to deal with snow at all really, are we?

Then I laid down some more salt and holed up inside to keep warm.

And prepare for tomorrow when all the compacted snow will have turned to ice and we'll be breaking our necks as no one has put any grit down anywhere.