Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What I don't get

is spam mail.

There must be some idiot somewhere who keeps falling for these web sites that offer cheap medication, cheap replica watches, cheap computer software or degrees based on 'life experience'. Or else they wouldn't keep churning them out.

What is really irritating me is the fact that one of the addresses the spammers have spoofed is mine.

That's right. At least 20% of the emails in my Googlemail Spam box came from me. Apparently.

I'm selling myself Viagra, Cialis, other pharmaceuticals, replica watches and fake degrees.

What's really irritating me is that Google are still delivering it - despite me reporting it to them every chance I get.

They can't seriously believe I would send spam mail to myself, and yet, despite "softfails" aplenty, they keep letting it in.

I tried to filter it out but only succeeded in deleting the contents of my Sent Mail box - not good when I need to know which job I've applied for and who I've written to lately.

I have signed up to SpamCop and report as much of the mail as I can be bothered with opening.

Occasionally, I see a red warning header from Googlemail warning me that the sender may not be genuine. Usually with my address being used as the return path.

This means I've told Googlemail that the email is a phishing scam and they've still let it through.