Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Weekends - a time to relax, unwind and have a little fun


I borrowed some books from the library

I took some old clothes to SENSE

Took an old ball of wool to Tettenhall for a charity collection

I did 6 loads of laundry - delicate, dark delicate, jeans, colours, more colours and towels

Gave myself a pedicure - my corns have been very painful of late and my feet looked like something out of a Ped Egg ad.

Dyed my eyebrows and eyelashes - my roots were showing

Counted out and paid £5 in 5ps into my somewhat pathetic savings account

Shredded my confidential waste in time for the recycling collection on Tuesday

Got up-to-date ministatements to see how much money I don't have

Tested the new mail order poultice paint stripper on some old woodwork

Bought three nice tops from Cancer Research where the volunteer pensioner behind the till practiced service with a snarl..........

I brought the tops to the till where she poked at the till buttons with a face like thunder.

As she took each top off its hanger, she let it drop to the floor as she held it up by the ticket. She then rolled the top into a ball and left it on the very end of the counter.

One of her colleagues saw what was happening, gave me an apologetic smile and refolded the tops a bit more carefully into a plastic bag.

The total came to £7.20 and I held out my debit card. Mrs Meldrew snatched it off me and flopped her hand to the counter as she told me that she didn't "do" cards.

Making no allowance for her colleague's hearing, she turned right and roared to the back of the shop over the head of her silent colleague "BRENDA! I'M OFF NOW!"

A woman, presumably Brenda shouted back "Yorright love! See you Monday!"

With no acknowledgement to me at all, Mrs Meldrew handed my card to the silent woman beside her and came out from behind the counter with a stuffed Cancer Research carrier bag and a handbag shouting "I NEED TO CATCH ME BUS! IF I DON'T CATCH THIS ONE THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER ONE TILL MONDAY!"

Brenda, unaware of what was happening towards the front of the shop, chuckled and wished the old bat all the best.

I got a smile from the silent woman and a free carrier bag.

I downloaded a 104 page instruction booklet from Sony on how to operate the Sony Cybershot DCS-P9 camera I got third hand from Kid Brother when he gave me my laptop for my 40th birthday.

I had to reload the printer driver onto the laptop as the printer had some kind of nervous breakdown printing 104 pages (4 to a page)

Charged up the camera, plugged it into the computer and got them talking to each other.

Sorted out the music on my MP3 player and charged that up.

And then on Sunday.....

Took the busted television and the video to the 'local' tip........

The television was also a Sony. A Trinitron. State of the art in its day but now a busted piece of rubbish.

I got the luggage trolley, took it upstairs and loaded the television onto it.

Getting it down the stairs without it falling, breaking or making too much noise nearly killed me.

I dragged it to the end of the road and turned left to the bus stop.

Three buses later, it became apparent that no driver was going to take me. The television was too big.

I walked it to the tip.

All Saints to Lanesfield.

3 miles.

Lugging a monster television behind me on a trolley and a video in a carrier bag in my other hand.

I got as far as Phoenix Park when an eldely Asian couple caught up with me. She was using two walking sticks to get along and he was using one.

We smiled and said good morning to each other before they overtook me and hobbled off into the distance doing about 3 mph to my 1.75 mph.

There were a couple of skips along the way, but it was broad daylight and there were too many people waiting at bus stops. Too many witnesses.

And besides, the television was too heavy to get up into the skips.

I was starting to lose hope when I finally got to the last couple of road crossings to the Black Country Route.

Then I had to go further uphill as the road off the BCR went up at a steep angle. I finally found the tip (the queue of cars was a big clue) and walked through the pedestrian entrance to the tip.

The pavement ahead of me was filled with signboards telling the car drivers which bay to throw their rubbish into. There was almost no room for me let alone my television.

I wobbled past the first sign, lifting it up on one corner to get it out of my way when I was approached by one of the tip attendants waving his hand at me.

He told me to get back into my car and not to queue jump.


He repeated. Get back into my car because there was no queue jumping.

Car?! I hadn't even got a bus!

I told him that I hadn't got a car - I had walked.

He suddenly became very friendly and apologetic, lifting the signs out of my way and throwing my video away for me. Carrier bag and all.

I climbed the steep incline to the bay area and heaved the television to the container where televisions and monitors were collected.

I left via the only pavemented area by the bays. Cars were parked up and people were throwing away all sorts.

One pensioner was throwing away engraved smoked glassware and fine china. Good car boot material.

Another woman was told that the bags of garden rubbish would have to be emptied and not thrown away bagged. Her Volvo was filled with dozens of bulging, black, bin bags.

The strict no vans policy was enforced with upper height barriers I could touch. 4x4s wouldn't have had a chance.

I caught the bus back to Wolverhampton and got home to do yet more housework.

Still To Do

Sewing - three pairs of jeans that need adjusting, an umbrella that's falling off its frame for the want of a few stitches and a shirt needs buttons sewing on

Filling the holes in the walls of the middle bedroom

Finishing the woodwork with the poultice stripper and concentrated caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)

Gardening - the weather (all sunshine and showers) has meant that there are now weeds bigger than me out there. I really need to get motivated and sort that out.

Post a letter - I have had it in my bag for nearly a fortnight and every evening I come home with it again. It's only the Poll Registration form but it needs to go.

And on, and on, and on.

There is so much to do I can't think straight.

Next weekend it's back down to London again to see Dad and do the housework down there.


I need to ease up though. I've hurt my bingo wings dragging that bloody television to its death.