Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Can there be a group of one?

My "group session" was embarrassing.

I was the only one who showed up. My fellow group "sessionaires" were missing and accounted for.

For the session, David was supposed to show a PowerPoint slide show which was, frankly, patronising.

Clearly aimed at an audience of knuckle dragging, unskilled, inexperienced, badly educated, possibly drunk or drugged shell suit and trainer wearers, the presentation was redundant for anyone with GCSEs.

David whipped through the slides at dizzying speed, stopping very occasionally and we sat and chatted for nearly 45 minutes about him, his prior experience as a recruiter, me, my CV, how it could be improved (dump the dates, they're ageing) and which websites are worth looking at.

He gave me a snazzy cardboard file for all my accumulating paperwork and all the job search stuff he was giving me. The session ended with him running off to a lunch time meeting across town and wishing me luck.

I need it.