Monday, 28 September 2009

First! Well, actually second....

I signed on for the first time today.

Well, actually I signed the sheet for the first time last Monday, but that was an exemplar signature against which all other signatures will be compared.

I arrived at 11am and waited for the better part of 20 minutes before a doddery looking blonde of a certain age called my name.

She led me to her desk, I handed over my JobSeekers Allowance booklet, she tapped in some details on her computer and handed the long sheet for me to sign.

We discussed my job search and how I thought I was getting on.

I have applied for twenty one jobs so far and heard nothing from anybody.

She sympathised and told me to persevere; all the while her head quivered like a nodding dog bumping over motorway cats eyes. Her hand was trembly as well, but it was her head that commanded my attention.

I told her that when I was signing on the last time (June 2007 - Oct 2007), the benefit was paid the same week as signing on. She agreed. The money would be paid in on Thursday.

I thanked her and we said goodbye and I walked off to the JobCentre computers. There was nothing suitable (driving, mechanics, engineers and sales) so I went home to trawl the internet again.

This computer is like a drug. I hope I get a job soon, if only to get me out of the house and away from the internet.