Tuesday, 15 September 2009

!It's the Itchy and Scratchy Show!


I've arranged a few days off for some allergy tests.

I keep coming out in strange rashes. A watch has caused some scabby looking rash as has some of my costume jewellery.

I have been off the antihistamines for two weeks and went to the Dermatology section of New Cross to have the tests done.

I went in on Friday afternoon and had five sticky patches stuck to my back.

Four were the size of A6 pages and were fitted with 10 little aluminium buttons each smeared with some sort of goo. The fifth was thumb sized and had two gooey buttons.

They started to peel the next day.

They had to stay on until late today.

I went to the local Walk-In Health Centre where I was shocked to see a huge queue of women and young girls snaking out the door, down the pavement and blocking the car park entrance.

It turned out they were waiting for the HPV vaccine. Any other patients could cheerfully jump that queue and go straight in.

Once I filled in the form, there wasn't much of a wait before I was called in to see the nurse.

She used Micropore tape to stick the edge of the sticky patches down.

Yesterday was a similar procedure.

Check in, fill in form, wait to be called and have the patches stuck down with more Micropore tape.

It's been horrible. The itching has been driving me nuts. I spent the time smacking myself with a ruler as I couldn't scratch.

Today, I had the patches removed and the results read.


Absolutely nothing.

Except an allergy to the sticky Micropore tape that was used to conduct the tests.

The patches were pulled off my back in front of a mirror. There were great, angry, red, blanks totalling an area bigger than an A4 sheet across my upper back. There were clear red lines around the patches where the Micropore tapes had been added.

That was that.

Nothing else and no further tests unless or until I react to something.


After all that.

Sod's Law rules.

The story of my life.