Tuesday, 29 September 2009

There it is again. It's that bloody hope stuff looming on the horizon

I received a couple of 'phone calls this morning.

Proactive have a temporary position at the local council at £6ph. Would I like to be put forward?

Would I? Yes, I said, trying not to cheer, I'd be delighted.

The girl told me that she'd send me details if they agreed to interview me and all the details would be in it.

Then Reed rang. Would I be interested in a position in Kingswinford at £7ph?

Uh, yeah, I said, a little shellshocked. Great, said the girl. There are two positions going, they'll put me forward for both and they'd let me know.

Whoo Hoo.

I finished filling in the application for a school laboratory technician as well. I can hand deliver it tomorrow.

After the meeting with HR.