Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Now watch me screw this up


Today in rapid succession I received three invitations to job interviews.

One Thursday 5th November at 9am in Birmingham City Centre

One Monday 9th November at Selly Oak Hospital and

Another on Monday 9th November at Heartlands Hospital.

Now, I do not interview well. I probably won't get the first job because it'll be my first interview in a long while and I'll blow it completely.

The second interview MAY go well but it's for a data entry role which I'm not really keen on. My lack of enthusiasm will more than likely show and they will probably reject me because I don't seem very keen.

The third interview will be the second of the day, is for a cool and well paid lab job (which I REALLY REALLY want) and I'll probably blow it as I'll appear too desperate.

Ah well. I'll give it a go.