Friday, 2 October 2009

Yes. No. Maybe.

I called in to Proactive. The girl there told me that no one sent by Proactive had got the job. I sneaked a peek at her notes and saw Brook Street.

I told her about Dad and she welcomed the news and told me that she'd keep an eye out for me.

I thanked her and went back home. The postman had been and left the letter from the DWP stating that I was entitled to Contributions Based Job Seekers Allowance.

Yessssssssss. I could sort out my Council Tax claim.

I packed a CV, my passport, proof of address, the letter and popped into Brook Street on the way to the Council House.

Abigail acted pleased to see me and updated my details onto the Brook Street system. She photocopied the passport, took the CV and asked if I could email it as well so she could have it on the computer.

Yep. No problem.

Assuring me that there would be no problem placing me, she wished me luck and I carried on to the Council House.

Once there, I was not happy to find that as well as the Job Seekers Allowance letter, which was scanned onto the system, the council also wanted bank statements for both bank accounts for the last two months.

I went home.

I found the statements and went back.

I saw the same lady again, she scanned the statements and wished me luck finding work.

I checked my bank account.

There was still no benefit payment even though I now had the letter stating that I was entitled.


I called the JSA bunch again. They told me I hadn't received any benefits as I hadn't signed on.

Um. Yeah. I had signed on. I signed on on Monday morning at 11:15 at Molineux House. I could even remember the doddery blonde I spoke to.

Well. There was no record of me signing on on Monday morning. Althooooooooough......


A lot of new staff had been taken on lately and mistakes like this seem to be happening quite a bit.


I would have to call the Job Centre where I signed on and take it up with them. Until the computer is updated, there is nothing that can be done.

I called Molineux House. I was finally transferred to someone who had access to the signing on sheets. I gave all my details again from the back of my Job Seekers Allowance booklet.

They confirmed that I HAD signed on but the computer had not been updated - he could do that and payment would be received on Wednesday at the latest.

That's great.

Although, I won't hold my breath.

I only just remembered to send my CVs (techy and admin) to Abigail.