Thursday, 5 November 2009

First isn't always good

Yep. As I thought. Absolute disaster. I arrived at Reception to sign in and received a little VISITOR badge which I clipped to my blouse collar.

The lifts were a little bit special. The panel to call the lifts looked as if it should have been inside one of the carriages. Instead of just calling the lift, I pushed the button which corresponded to the floor I wanted to go to. The computer then did a little calculation and, as efficiently as possible, sent the most suitable lift down to the Ground Floor.

Once I got to the 6th Floor, I had to sign in at Reception and received a second VISITOR badge. It took a little while for me to clip and re-clip the two badges to my blouse and coat collars so that I didn't look like I was trying to balance and match them.

There then followed a walk to the next floor to do one of the tests. I was left in an office for half an hour with a sheaf of papers and instructions on what to do with them. It was meant to be a series of 'phone messages, emails and messages and a To Do list with a diary.

How was I going to fit all the work into the diary? Who was I going to call first? What was I going to do about the woman calling in sick? When was I going to schedule the research into that project? When was I going to reschedule lunch for the colleague who wanted to talk about work with the sick woman?

I thought I had got everything sussed when I realised (with about 10 minutes to go) that the sheets were printed on both sides. I'm missed about half the work.

Needless to say, I didn't finish the test. It was horrible.

The first interview of the first day of the series is never going to be good. It wasn't good.

One of the guys was late. He was almost as unprepared as I was and it was awkward and stilted throughout the half hour "informal chat".

As I left, there was another girl waiting in the Reception area. She was slim, tanned, pinstriped and had big, bouncy, glossy brown hair which appeared to have a life of its own.

She certainly looked more 'with it' than I did.

I went to Solihull. I had a One Day Travelcard and I was going to use it. I went to John Lewis and bought some darning wool for my favourite gloves which are starting to look very worn.

It was bright but very cold and I quickly went home again after I had browsed the area and had some lunch courtesy of Boots and the points on my Advantage card.

After I got home, I logged onto the NHS website to find that two jobs which I had put in my Jobs Basket had prematurely expired due to the sheer number of applicants.

Not good. Not a good day at all.