Monday, 2 November 2009

I got it

I got the £12.80 to go to Birmingham.

I spoke to a very nice girl who saw email proof of the interviews and proof of my entitlement to benefits.

When you're unemployed, the first thing you have to get used to is carrying all the paperwork of your life around with you. Documents that only see the light of day once in a blue moon are routinely taken off you to be photocopied and handed back every which way.

Photo ID (Passport or Driving Licence), proof of address (bank statements or bills), proof of entitlement (Job Seekers booklet), proof of National Insurance Number (NI Card, P60 or tax documents) - all stuff that normally gets tucked away in a lockable box safely at home gets waved around in public buildings, in front of the kind of people who would give their eye teeth to lay hands on someone elses' identity for various nefarious purposes.

It's embarrassing.

It was lunch time and her computer was v e e e e e e e e e r y y y y y y s l o o o o o o o o w. She needed to check online to see what the prices were.

Anyway, she found out. Eventually. The price list I'd picked up from the bus station wasn't enough. She had to check for herself.

£6.30 return from Wolverhampton to Birmingham by train and £6.50 for a one day nnetwork card for Monday when I have to sign on, travel to Selly Oak and then hoof it across the Birmingham suburbs to Heartlands.

That'll be fun.

She totted up the total and ran downstairs to the cash office for me. Leaving me with a desk full of leaflets

Staying Mentally Healthy Following Redundancy

"Wake Up To Local Learning In Your Community"

Are you worried about your mortgage? Get advice now

Inspire Your magazine from Jobcentre Plus Summer 2009

I was quite grateful when she came back with exactly £6.30 and £6.50. Her desk was pretty depressing.

When I pay for the tickets, I've got to keep the receipts, so that they can be stapled to the form that's waiting for them with my signing in sheet, in the signing in box.

Yep. Got that.

I visited the recruitment agencies to remind them I'm still breathing. Yep. They're all looking out for me and as soon as something comes in, they'll let me know. Every one of them.

I went into Interecruitment and got an email address from Julie. I've sent her my CV so if something comes in she'll let me know.