Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nearly there

The interview went very well.

There was just one bus to get from Wolverhampton Bus Station and it stopped just outside the gates to the site I needed to get to.

It only rained whilst I was on the bus and my new large handbag was just the right size for an A4 envelope holding all my ID and copies of my unfolded CV.

The building was easy to find, the instructions I was given were very clear and easy to follow and I arrived early.

I was shown up to a first floor conference room, where I was interviewed by two people.

I did everything I was supposed to. Smiled, made eye contact, ensured my hands weren't too damp or cold for any handshake, smiled, answered every question carefully and smiled.

As the girl from Reed said when she gave me the rejection, I had only just been shaded by another candidate who had had a little more complaints experience.

They liked me, they really did, but there was another candidate who was a little more experienced. There was nothing more I could have done in the interview to make them hire me.

Great. If I treat this as practice for the next interview, then I might just get that job.

60. Night shift Pharmaceutical Technician Elstree

61. Analytical Chemist

and nothing from Heartlands.