Sunday, 29 November 2009


I am thoroughly fed up.

I have heard nothing from any of the jobs I've applied for and I'm just waiting to go to the one I've been invited to.

Well, I've been. As well as looking up the work of the team, I've been to see where it is and how to get there.


Under no circumstances am I taking the 333 bus from Wolverhampton again. It takes a circuitous route through Portobello, Willenhall, Lodge Farm and back through Rough Hay and Darlaston and finally to Walsall.

If I tell you that Darlaston is on the way from Wolverhampton to Wednesbury and the 79 can get there in less than half an hour, then you'll understand that taking nearly 90 minutes to get from Wolverhampton to Darlaston is pretty unimpressive.

I found the place in the pitch black and walked through the wrong gate.

It's undergoing major building works. The original building is now surrounded by dozens of temporary and permanent buildings and negotiating between them is a hairy business at the best of times.

Now add scaffolding and great, solid sheets of corrugated security barriers. All painted royal blue.

The scaffolding and barriers created a maze effect as I walked between the buildings. At one stage, there were a number of people walking behind me. We could only helplessly walk, single file, down dark corridors and around blind corners, stuck between a great blue metal wall on one side and various walls and fences on the other.

Very poorly lit and with virtually no signs, in the cold, the dark and the drizzle, it was crazy. If you're in any way claustrophobic, forget it.

I passed a set of Portakabins stacked in a pile - grandiosely called "The White House".

And then, 10 minutes later, we all popped out the other end of the maze. We came out by another gate where cars were queueing up to get in and out via a series of barriers.

I checked. We were no more than 20 yards from the gate I had first entered before the maze.

Oh good grief.

I had a second run today. A little bit more successful. The 529 bus from Wolverhampton takes less than 45 minutes and stops near the hospital without going into Walsall town centre itself.

It still took a good few minutes to find the building where the interview would be held.

There's a very strange arrangement at the gate where the cars pass. A series of lanes with barriers some with paving for pedestrians and most without (so you're left looking both ways for traffic at some and just one way for others) and there's a small terrace of houses lining one side of the drive. With cars appearing from between the houses.

The front doors are numbered (like houses) but some doors have small signs with offical titles on them suggesting that at least some of the little houses are offices.

The site is a huge sprawl of different buildings with no apparent rhyme or reason to the plan. Very strange.

Still beggars can't be choosers, if they offer me a job here, then I'll have to take it.