Tuesday, 29 December 2009

As if I didn't feel bad enough already........Christmas sponsored by Ferrero Rocher

Jesus, that was a crappy Christmas!

How shit was it Ginge?

Oh, let me count the ways........ On a materialistic note - I brought presents for brothers, sisters in law, niece, nephew and a couple of cousins who had lost their mum at the beginning of the year and got some chocolates and a Superdrug gift pack back. Mwk's sister in law works for Hotel Chocolat and she bought his presents with the staff discount.

All of them pleaded poverty.

One cousin, after inheriting her proceeds from the house her mother left, is expecting a new baby with her husband, MwK has no mortgage or rent to pay but has taken a lot of time off work to look after Dad, take him to appointments and deal with bureaucracy on his behalf and YMB is saving for the fun park holiday of a lifetime.

Dad was shouting and swearing at any offer of help, hated the carers coming in (they cancelled their visits over Christmas as soon as they knew I was there), refused the offer of Christmas dinner around with MwK, his wife and his children even though he missed seeing the children and generally made himself a pain in the backside all the time I was down there.

I brought round a steaming hot plate of food from the dinner and he threw it all away after deciding that Yorkshire puddings were some attempt to poison him.

I shopped for groceries in the middle of the Christmas free for all that's call Morrison's, I vacuumed, washed, laundered and tidied most of the house and spoke only briefly to other members of the family.

It was absolutely miserable.

The Westfield Centre was awash with shoppers on Boxing Day even though the main department stores weren't open for another couple of days.

Gucci was popular with shoppers both on Boxing Day

and a couple of days later.......

The main atrium was glittering and crammed.......

But it was the tree that was in the worst taste.......

right down to the star at the top (okay, strung over the top)...........

I was grateful to get back to the freezing bomb site I call home.

I had the heating switched on low over the break just to ensure the pipes didn't freeze and switched it off as soon as I arrived home.

I've been wandering around in an overcoat all winter.

I helped myself to seven bottles of shampoo that YMB left in the bathroom cabinet. Dad has one out on the open shelf (not that he'll ever use it), one in the cupboard as a spare and there's one in the upstairs bathroom for my use when I next go down there. So that was ten bottles of Vosene and Herbal Essences just sitting there gathering dust after YMB left home over three years ago.

Still, at least I'll use and appreciate them, eh?

All I have to do is wait to hear about the job offer, apply for other jobs and try to get as much money together as I can.

After I've wallowed in misery for a wee while longer.