Monday, 14 December 2009


I am skint. I have very little money and I have to go to London for Christmas.

My mood is very low and it's getting worse with little or no prospect of getting better any time soon.

Looking for jobs is starting to look pointless as everyone is starting to wind down for Christmas. The jobs I can apply for are scarce and the only jobs that seem to be out there are so limited that it would be a waste of time even ringing for application packs

"Do you have an interest in caring for patients with a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders?"

"Are you looking for work as a personal trainer?"

"Are you qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Cleaning and Support Services?"

No. Not really.

This sort of thing isn't helping either

Dear Candidate Re: Cord Blood Bank Technician

Thank you for your application for the above post. I am writing to inform you that the appointment to this position is now on hold due to applications being submitted from internal candidates who are at risk of redundancy. It is the policy of NHS Blood and Transplant to treat employees who are at risk of redundancy as a priority, therefore, no further decisions will be made until their suitability for the post has been explored. Please accept my apologies for this delay and accept my assurance that I will contact you again as soon as I have any further information regarding this post. Yours sincerely Xxxxx Xxxx Recruitment and Administration Assistant

Terrific. That was a total waste of time then.

The people who recruit employees are the same people who make employees redundant. How does stuff like this happen?

I gave up trawling for work in a really miserable mood. And then, I found this when I started trawling the Internet for news.

Gingerism rules.