Thursday, 31 December 2009

I suppose I ought to do some good....


I said


Oh, never mind.

I've got a roof over my head, toiletries galore, enough money to pay for the bills, mortgage and loan repayment and I've got warm clothes.

I could be worse off, I suppose.

I went through all my things and working out what to do with them. Keep and use, throw away, give to a good cause or recycle.

I started off with clothes and toiletries. Clothes went in the Salvation Army clothes bin in Sainsbury's car park.

The pretence of keeping fit long over, I can get rid of the hoodie, trackie bottoms and trainers. I got rid of a number of clothes I haven't worn in quite a while and turned to toiletries.

Sainsbury's has been collecting for a local charity called The Haven. Not just money, but stuff. Toys, food and toiletries. There has been a shopping trolley parked by the exit from the main sales floor for most of the year.

I took a long hard look at all the stuff under the bed. And separated out a large carrier bag full of shampoo (even I don't need seven bottles), bubble bath (I shower), face creams (I've still got plenty), toners, self tanning face and body creams and soap. There was no way I'd use all of it before it started going weird because it was too old.

So I took it to the shop with the Sally Army gear, as I needed a few things from the shop.

Not these though.

Jesus! It's not even New Year's Day!!