Thursday, 10 December 2009

Keeping all my options open

I applied for the NHS job before I left the house. I filled in the application form for the Metrology position and took it to the Post Office to be sent by Guaranteed Delivery.

69. Trainee Metrologist - National Measurements Office, Teddington

70. Band 2 Pharmacy Assistant - St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

I went to formally accept the provsional offer as well.

The list of documents was fearsome. I had to bring

My passport

My birth certificate

A billing letter from Scottish Power

The most recent current account statements from both my banks

Life, home and contents documents

My P45

My last payslip

My NHS medical card

A CRB form completed according to the detailed instructions given in the offer pack


A short formal letter accepting the offer of a position

Once upon a time, a simple "Yes" would have been enough.

I got the bus and went up to the HR office where all the documents were photocopied before being handed back to me every which way.

The next appointment will be for the Occupational Health medical (!).

No. They couldn't tell me when that would be.

No. They couldn't tell me when I might be starting.

Okay, I'll carry on living in suspense then.

They were very nice, but the situation is one of those "How long is a piece of string?" things. The OH medical could be this month or next, the CRB check could take a month or two and only when everything is in place can they know for definite when I'll start.

Good grief.