Monday, 7 December 2009


Before I signed on, I went online to check the price of travelling to London for the 18th.

I printed off prices for travelling around London. Jeepers.

If I got the coach to Victoria then I had the option of tube, tube and overground or bus.

Single Fares 2009

Victoria [London Underground] to Hampstead Heath

Cash £4.00 At any time

Oyster £2.20 Monday to Friday from 06:30 to 09:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00

Oyster £1.60 At all other times including public holidays

By bus it's a simple £1 per ride up to the fourth bus ride which costs 40p and after that travel is free. It's called Oyster Daily Capping. Currently, a one day bus pass is £3.40 and the Oyster card is automatically capped not to exceed the current value of a one day pass.

Booking a train ticket at this late stage was going to be deadly expensive and I was pretty sure the JobCentre wasn't going to waste money in these financially straightened times, ESPECIALLY after the £1.10 palaver.

I visited the National Express Coach Ticket Office and got a quote for a coach ticket to London. They don't print prices anymore. The price varies according to when you book now so if I wanted to book the ticket today it was £18.60. It was going to cost more the later I left it.

By the time I came to sign on, I was prepared. My work search diary was up to date, I had the provisional offer a job AND I could provide proof of preparation for my next interview.

Looking good!

The lady who took my signature was very impressed. And she knew Hampstead as well. Congratulating me on my success she went off to check with The Royal Free as to whether there was a genuine interview. She was over half an hour. I nodded off in the heat.

She bustled back and explained the delay. She had spoken to someone at the hospital who confirmed the interview and had then spent an age checking to see whether they paid fares for candidates. They didn't.

So. They were prepared to issue a rail travel warrant.


A. Rail. Tra. Vel. War. Rant. She repeated it slowly as if I were retarded.


Once handed this flimsy slip of paper, I checked to see if I understood this correctly.

So, on the day I want to travel, I hand this to the cashier in the ticket office and he'll give me a return ticket to London.


That's all I have to do?


Okaaaaaay. It was coming up to my thirteen week review...

Ooooh. The lady had been clicking a series of screens on her computer when she suddenly got up again and walked away.

She returned with a letter inviting me to my 13 week review interview. I folded it up and put it into my Jobseekers Booklet wallet.

Was there anything else?

And that was that.

I'm bored now.