Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I got a 'phone call today from the lady who is going to be my immediate line manager.

She asked how I was and how long was it going to be before they saw me?

I couldn't say.

I had received nothing from the hospital to tell me when, or if I was starting.

She told me she hadn't heard anything untoward and had been labouring under the assumption that I was successful and had a provisional starting date of the 1st February.

Okaaaaay...um, that being the case, would it not be a good idea for me to visit the office, meet everybody and do a bit of basic orientation...

Nope. Plenty of time for that when I'm given a starting date. Chillax and they'll see me when they see me.

Okay. I'll see you then, then.

We rang off politely.

Did a fully grown adult just tell me to chillax?

I wish I could.