Friday, 22 January 2010

Stop me if you've heard this one....

As well as sending a mail message through the NHS recruitment website, I called the NHS HR body today handling the recruitment for the job.

Before I had even finished saying my piece, there was a long, loud sigh from the other end of the line.

Miss Body had clearly heard this speech more than once today already.

Thanking me for letting her know, she asked why.

Well, because it took so long.

I applied for the job on 13th November last year. That was two months ago. What took so long?

She started to sound defensive

Well we had to postpone recruitment to consider someone who was going to be made redundant and then we had to go through the recruitment process for them and then we had to inform them that they were not suitable and then we had to restart the recruitment process for the external candidates.....

I told her that I was unimpressed. That HR should be a little more on the ball. They should have had a better idea about who was being made redundant before they advertised jobs externally and that many employers had far more efficient recruitment systems.......

She told me that they could only operate at the speed they did and the recruitment process took as little time as they could manage.

Well, I said, good luck finding someone. I thanked her politely for considering me and offering an interview and rang off.

Between us, we had said the word "recruitment" so many times, that it was starting to sound like a nonsense word.