Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Inspiration, motivation.....where are you now?

I have collected a vast amount of cross stitch paraphernalia over the years and it's embarrassing.

So much so, that I've made it a New Year's resolution to start to get through it all.

My new rule is not to buy any more patterns or magazines until I've worked my way through the collection of craft stuff I've already got.

That will probably take me to retirement.

I've got yarn to knit scarves, crochet hooks, kits I've acquired or bought for myself, patterns, books with more patterns and magazines. It's the magazines I'm kicking myself over most of all.

Overpriced magazines with patterns I could have paid much less for or free gifts that weren't worth having.

Like this little guy.........

I have never sent cross stitched Christmas cards to anyone in my life and, frankly, what do I do with only one? It even came with it's own little envelope. What was I thinking?

I know what I was thinking.....

New cross stitch magazine!
And it's got a free gift, too!
£5 for more crap I don't need!
I want it!
I want it!
I want it!

Without a thought in my little head about cost, the time and patience needed to work the pattern and the sheer uselessness of the thing (Now I've made it up, I can't sell it as it's copyrighted), I bought yet another stupid item to add to the rest of the stupid items I already own.

One time I had this genius idea to buy a magazine that had two free gifts accidentally packed into the plastic bag that held them and the magazine.

That was fine for the first one which I gave away to a lady who was made redundant from our section and found work elsewhere..............

.......but frankly, I can't face stitching the other one.
And now I've stalled. I've even got a nice buy-one-get-one-free frame (with mount) from Boots the Chemist to put it into as well.
Nope. It's just sitting there in an old chocolate box waiting to be done.
I'll try stitching something else in the meantime..............if I can be bothered.