Saturday, 23 April 2011

Just seen this........

and laughed out loud at the way some of the bus drivers cope with the tourists.

Strangely absorbing.

The RSPCA doesn't want to know......

.....and frankly I don't know why.........

The next door neighbour keeps a dog. It has simply been thrown out of the back door, has no toys, no regular walks, isn't kept clean, isn't brought into the house regardless of the weather and has had no training whatsoever.

The smell is atrocious. Trust me.

The dog is showing stereotyped behaviour - running from kitchen door to back gate and back again repeatedly and barks at the slightest thing.

I call the RSPCA on occasion and as far as they're concerned, the dog is fed, watered and has some sort of shelter - an outside cupboard. There is no overt abuse, so as far as they're concerned, there is nothing wrong.

The dog scratches and scrapes the kitchen door and is often up on its hind legs with its front paws on the window sill.

Nothing has been cleaned for weeks and now the warm weather has kicked in, the stench and the flies it attracts is atrocious.

The dog goes nuts and flings itself at the fence the second it hears my keys in my kitchen door lock and carries on barking and jumping long after I've gone back into my house.

There is no fresh air, no real work going on in my garden (I'm scared of dogs that want to try and eat me) and although I've contacted the housing association, they're not that interested either.

So here's to another fly blown, stinking Summer.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yesterday was a sad day.....

I was saddened to hear the news the death of Elizabeth Sladen.

As a child growing up in the 1970s, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were the Doctor Whos that I remember watching (from between my fingers) and it was the ever faithful, if slightly attitudinous sidekick Sarah Jane Smith that was by their side.

Whovians all over the internet have been paying tribute to a fine actress who has recently been on our televisions in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'.

Type "Doctor", "Who" and "episode" into YouTube and you will probably come across Sarah Jane.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Every now and again, I get annoyed

I get annoyed at the decisions made by my Government that is supposed to be for our benefit.

There have been some calamitous decisions made over the years by the governments of the day.

Privatising the energy industries, thereby putting them at the mercy of the stock markets and ensuring eventual foreign control of virtually all the energy used in Britain?

Anything for a quick buck there, eh, guys?

Shutting down entire, specialist hospitals and centralising their functions in fewer, harder to reach general and teaching hospitals with fewer beds and not enough specialist staff?

Wasn't the best idea, was it?

Invading Iraq after the followers of a Yemeni-based Saudi flew planes into American landmarks?

Um...........bad idea.

I got soooooo annoyed I resigned my Labour party membership.........yeah, like that helped.

Private finance initiatives which have left local councils and NHS trusts paying massive amounts of their income to construction companies for the forseeable future?

I'll think about voting Lib/Dem in future.

However, shutting down the entire Forensic Science Service because it's losing too much money, has to be one of the most short-sighted, bone-headed, penny pinching and short termist ideas that I've heard for a long time.

I really am absolutely speechless.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Don't dig it there, dig it elsewhere........

This started last year.

During last summer, there were problems all over the West Midlands with burst pipes.
My road was no exception.

It started off as a bulge in the street. The bulge started leaking and formed a stream of water which ran into the gutter.

I called Severn Trent who sent men out to dig an exploratory hole and they watched it fill up with water before filling the hole in again. Piling the fresh gravel and tar on top of the water.

This picture was taken shortly after they cleared off.

We've grown quite a collection of greenery..........

The problem is compounded by the council's poor maintenance of the drains. Instead of going into the drain, the water pours over the blocked drain cover and carries on down the road.

During the freezing winter, it became a problem as, every time I put the bin into the road for the bin men, if I wasn't careful, the bin would freeze to the gutter.

Crossing the road from my side to the other was tricky to say the least.

Recently, I complained to the council.

More men from Severn Trent arrived, they re-dug the same area, dug a hole deep enough to bury a traffic cone and watched the hole fill up deeply enough to drown said traffic cone..........

........before filling it in again.

Again, they've made no attempt to find the source of the water, or empty the hole before piling more gravel and tarmac in again.

Nice work on the potholes there, guys. Oh yeah, different department.

I wonder if we could make a feature of it.........