Tuesday, 26 July 2011

It's taken slightly less than 48 hours.....

............but the first drunks have already moved into the new bus station.....I'm guessing that can won't see the inside of the recycling bin it's sitting on.........

I dunno. Badly organised and overpriced pearls before swine.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

One of the biggest bug bears of commuting by bus from Wolverhampton has been the lack of a bus station for over a year.


Since April last year, we have been trolling the streets looking for our bus stops as not only the bus station was shut down but also the main ring road was disrupted to accommodate the new building.

There have been delays, hitches and hiccups. Trade along the main street leading to the bus station has also taken a battering.

Despite the rumours and the complaints, the building work continued regardless and it opened today.

I popped down there to see where I'm catching my bus tomorrow and I have to say, on first impressions, I'm impressed.

The winding bus routes through the station are gone - replaced by what look like big turning corners any handbraking boy racer would love to skid his wheels on,

The airport style departure boards are centrally placed and relatively easy to read

and the multi-option touch screens look great.

Even the National Express coaches have been moved

It's just a pity that all the rumours are true.


There's always something to take the shine off the newness.

And that's before the litter, the gum spitters and the vandalism starts.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Goodbye 1980s........

I've been having a clearout of stuff. The old newspapers have gone, all the clothes I didn't fancy wearing or haven't worn in over a year and my cassette collection.

These are the only ones I can give to the Friends charity that work at the hospital. The mix tapes and the cassette recordings of vinyl records have all been dismantled and thrown into the recycling and rubbish bins.

Dear Lord, did I really buy those?

Not too bad, although there's Bob again........

Oh now, that's just random.......

Um, nope. Just embarrassing.......

Not even trying to explain those.

The thing is, a lot of these haven't seen daylight for at least a decade. I'm playing a few just to see if they'll still play. I really have got to get over the embarrassment otherwise I won't give anything away.