Sunday, 6 December 2015

My thoughts, prayers and sixty quid......

I've always wondered about all the social media addicts who, on hearing of a tragedy, change their facebook pictures or post something supportive.

I mean, what good is that?

The digital aftermath of the Paris mass shooting saw social media users change their profile pictures to the French flag.

Yeah?  And?

The Minimalists brought this to my attention and, frankly confirmed what I was already thinking.

It's no good at all.

It doesn't practically help in any way whatsoever.

So I donated

£10 - The International Red Cross

£10 - The British Red Cross

£10 - Save the Children

£10 - Oxfam

£10 - Cafod

£10 - The Samaritans.

In total, £60.

and that's nothing, really.

It's not even a spit of drizzle in the ocean of need.

And yet, it's more than a lot of the "thoughts and prayers" crowd have done.